Advocate Contributions

The Advocate Contributions Guide covers all critical elements of the contributions process as a Graph Advocate, including:

  • Minimum requirements thresholds

  • Qualifying upper thresholds for Advocate grants

  • Endorsement Catalog listing pre-approved contributions

  • Forms for Confirmation Requests and Contribution Reports

  • Advocate reimbursement process

  • Process for approving individual Advocate contribution requests

  • Process for approving and recognizing Advocate contributions

  • Process for reviewing and issuing Advocate Grants

Contribution Forms

  • Reimbursement Template


Confirmation Request

Contribution Report

Community Care

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Content Creator

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Event Evangelist

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Text Translator

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Technical Teacher

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Web3 Welcomer

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Contribution Process Flow

The below chart provides a high level overview of the contributions process for Graph Advocates. It is recognized that each Advocate role has unique requirements and therefore follows the contribution process with its own forms and parameters. The overview provided in this post is a general outline of the contributions process that applies to all Advocate roles. However, specific information listed above and applicable forms are provided specifically for each role in its own post:

  • Community Care

  • Content Creator

  • Event Evangelist

  • Text Translator

  • Technical Teacher

  • Web3 Welcomer

Endorsement Catalog

The DAO issues and maintains an Endorsement Catalog that contains specific contributions for each Advocate role that the Graph AdvocatesDAO (DAO) pre-approved and recognized as eligible Advocate contributions that do not require further confirmation by the DAO on a case-by-case basis. The Contributions Team has oversight of the items contained in the Endorsement Catalog and may update the list via rough consensus from time to time.


Advocates planning to contribute to a specific engagement listed in the Endorsement Catalog which incur expenses that Advocates seek to get reimbursed for, require submission of a Confirmation Request to the DAO upfront for approval, regardless of whether such contribution is included in the Endorsement Catalog. Any expenses submitted by Advocates without prior approval given by the DAO may be denied.

Confirmation Request

If an Advocate plans to contribute with an activity that is not included in the Endorsement Catalog, then the Advocate submits a Confirmation Request form to the DAO. The DAO evaluates each submission on a case-by-case basis and provides a decision back to the Advocate, including the amount for which the Advocate has been approved to be reimbursed (if applicable). The DAO's main communication method is via email. If applicable, the DAO reimburses the Advocate for approved expenses either via DAOHaus funding proposals, or via the emergency multisig for urgent situations that may require more timely payments.

Contribution Report

After the Advocate has successfully completed the Advocate activity, the Advocate then submits a Contribution Report form to the DAO. The DAO reviews these submissions and, once validated, adds them to the Advocate's achievement records. The DAO regularly performs a holistic review of all Advocates' contributions and issues Advocate Grants for high performers that contribute above the upper threshold. Likewise, the DAO follows up and takes appropriate action with under performers not achieving the threshold for minimum requirements on a consistent basis.


  • How do I know if my work as an Advocate qualifies as an eligible program contribution?

    • Advocates are advised to reference the Endorsement Catalog prior to stating a project or task to confirm it qualifies as a contribution.

    • If an Advocate has an idea for a contribution that is not listed in the Endorsement Catalog that they think should qualify as a contribution, they are advised to submit a Confirmation Request of the applicable Advocate role for the DAO to review.

  • Does the Endorsement Catalog get updated?

    The DAO will regularly review the Endorsement Catalog to ensure it remains up-to-date with contributions that the DAO supports. Make sure to check the Endorsement Catalog for your respective Advocate role(s) on a regular basis

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