The Graph Advocates are here to empower people passionate about web3 and decentralization, and enable them to drive community development and growth. The program is a critical component in the decentralization of The Graph’s community, as Advocates will take the lead in creating educational resources, hosting local events, assisting with technical support, and making Graph resources available across the world. Advocates are given the opportunity to coordinate on a broad scale, channeling their collective passion for web3 and decentralization into an educational force for those new to blockchain, web3, or The Graph.


The Graph Advocates is a community-led and community-driven initiative serving as a portal into web3 for people all across the world. Advocates will have the unique opportunity to make important contributions that will directly impact their local communities, the web3 mission, and the future of The Graph ecosystem.


Everyone can apply to become an Advocate! Strong candidates for the program show a passion for The Graph and the broader web3 ecosystem. There are no educational or age requirements for this program, and people from all corners of the globe can apply.

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