DAO Voting process

Engaging communities in making funding decisions requires commitment to the process and a long-term dedication of the Committee members to develop trust and comfort with engaging but easy to follow processes. That is the reason, why the voting process is split into 3 stages: community voting, off-chain and on-chain voting.

Community Voting

After initial presentation in the Graph AdvocatesDAO Forum and public segment of the Grant Committee meeting, community reviewers can engage in the discussion and the decision making by voting "Yes" or "No" on the given grant proposal.

Every grant application which has undergone this process of Community voting and collected at least 10 "Yes" votes is proceeding to the review and due diligence process performed by the Grant Committee. Once these steps are completed the Committee members are taking the final decision of recommending the proposal in the off-chain voting to the rest of the DAO and the DAO members are casting their votes in the on-chain proposal on DAOHaus, through which a grant applicant seeks the last formal funding approval.

Off-Chain Voting Process

The Grant Committee oversees the off-chain processes for community grant applications. The committee reviews each application and performs due diligence to ensure the legitimacy of the prospective grantees, and that the grant applications are in-scope and aligned with the mission of the Graph AdvocatesDAO. The detailed procedural steps are published by the Grant Committee and may change from time to time per the discretion of the DAO.

On-Chain Voting Process

Following the off-chain application process, a grant applicant subsequently proceeds to create a Funding Proposal in DAOHaus, adhering to the specified format. The applicant can do this either him/herself or seek a sponsor, such as a Grant Committee member, to do it for him/her. Upon approval of the proposal, the applicant receives requested funding on-chain and then proceeds with developing and implementing that grant.

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