The DAO has three committees that DAO members can partake in: Advocate Committee, Grant Committee and Operations (Ops) Committee. The three committees each have a defined set of responsibilities to make their own decisions on proposals that are minor in scope, such as approving small grants for Advocates reimbursements or introducing new processes and systems for committees. All DAO members are welcome to consider joining one of the committees and make valuable contributions to the success of the DAO, and earn from the DAO in doing so.

Advocate Committee

The Advocate Committee consists of DAO members who oversee the Graph Advocates program end-to-end. This includes the application and onboarding processes, supporting Advocates efforts and approving reimbursements and grants for activities such as Advocate events. Individuals who are excited about people management and growing communities are a good fit for the Advocate Committee.

Grant Committee

The Grant Committee is primarily tasked with assessing new applications for community grants. This committee supports DAO members and Advocates in formulating and submitting high-quality proposals, and conducting due diligence on behalf of the DAO. Individuals who are passionate about bootstrapping new projects and helping initiatives come to fruition would enjoy being part of the Grant Committee.

Operations (Ops) Committee

The Ops Committee is responsible for ensuring DAO operations are running efficiently across platforms and committees. People with spreadsheet competence, project management expertise, community moderation skills or passion for process development will find a wealth of opportunity to engage in this committee. This is a place for everyone looking to shape how the DAO successfully operates, and possibly establish best practices that can be adopted across the broader web3 ecosystem.

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