The Graph AdvocatesDAO oversees grants and RFPs focused on community-building efforts in The Graph ecosystem. Community-building means increasing an individual or group's awareness and understanding of, as well as the participation in, The Graph Network or subgraph users, web3 projects and public goods.

Grants are distributed in GRT and are intended for grantees to use in the network, such as being Indexers, Delegators, Curators, Subgraph Developers or subgraph users (like dapps and data dashboards). The DAO sets a guideline of approving grants up to $20,000 USD worth of GRT per individual grant proposal. The GRT conversion rate will be set with a 30-day TWAP (time weighted average price). All grants above that proposed amount will be deferred to The Graph Council and The Graph Foundation’s existing grant application process.

Examples of Community-building grants:

  • Podcasts & Multimedia (eg. GRTiQ Podcast)

  • Hackathons and Blockchain Event Sponsorship (eg. ETHDenver, Graph Events)

  • Guides, Tutorials & Educational Content (eg. The Graph Academy, docs)

  • Graph Communities (eg. Graphtronauts, Curation Station, Regional Communities)

  • Educational Programs (eg. Rabbithole, FreeCodeCamp)

  • Community Tooling (eg. delegator tools, notification bots)

  • Marketing & Branding (eg. swag, marketing materials)

Examples that are NOT Community-building grants:

  • Subgraph development ○ Protocol & subgraph tooling (Matchstick, GraphGen, POIFIER)

  • Protocol support or upgrades

  • DeFi applications (SimpleFi, liquid delegations, GRT integrations/white listing)

  • dApp/product integration

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