Becoming an Advocate offers flexibility: Advocates can focus on different roles in the community based on their interests and abilities. Echoing The Graph community’s vision of an internet without gatekeepers, Advocates of all walks of life are encouraged to pursue what motivates them. There are currently six different Advocate roles to embody:

Event Evangelist

Proactively host and participate in The Graph events (online or in-person), and attend regional industry events.

Content Creator

Create original content related to The Graph or web3, such as articles, video, infographics, memes or GIFs, how-to guides, animations, and many other creative materials.

Text Translator

Translate The Graph documentation or other community materials into other languages.

Community Care

Look out for the community, share content, answer community questions, or provide directions to additional resources, posted in The Graph's Telegram, Forum, Discord, or Reddit channels.

Technical Teacher

Educate others on how to use or build subgraphs, participate in The Graph Network, and coach community members on how they can best contribute to The Graph.

Web3 Welcomer

Facilitate the adoption of The Graph, speak or present at conferences, and introduce people to The Graph and web3.

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