Getting paid for your Grant

Once you receive the confirmation that your Grant has been processed by the Graph AdvocatesDAO, you will receive a response in the Public Forum that it is time to get paid.

In order to withdraw your funds to your wallet, you need to launch the DAOhaus app and select the Graph AdvocatesDAO. Before doing this, you have to add Gnosis Chain on MetaMask, follow this link for all the instructions. If you need to add GRT token on the list of your assets on Gnosis Chain, you can import the GRT token by specifying this contract address: 0xFAdc59D012Ba3c110B08A15B7755A5cb7Cbe77D7

Once you have added Gnosis Chain on MetaMask, you can use the link here to access Graph AdvocatesDAO on DAOhaus. Please note that you need to logon using the same wallet address that you specified in your grant proposal.

Then, you have to click on the top right corner, where there is your address name or ENS to access your profile (View Member Profile). On your profile page you will have the option to withdraw your approved grant amount. Please note, you will need some xDAI to approve the transaction to withdraw your funds to your wallet.

If you want to watch a video explaining the whole process, you can click here.

If you need to move your funds from Gnosis Chain to Ethereum, you need to bridge your GRT, we suggest using OmniBridge, that you can access here. We have also prepared a video showing how to use the OmniBridge to move your funds, you can watch it here.

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